What to Pack in Baby Bag for Hospital

What to Pack in Baby Bag for Hospital

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag - the Ultimate Checklist

Oh my gosh it’s happening! Whether on time, early or late, when you are excitedly rushing off to get to the hospital to welcome your newest little piece of happiness, you want to make sure there is nothing else on your mind but the upcoming experience. So, yes mumma, you must prepare, prepare and prepare!

I have written this blog post to make sure you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, or at the very least email your support person the downloadable checklist if it all happened too fast, so they can bring everything you need to the hospital for you.

I put together this checklist when I was pregnant with my second, and as my first came 2 months early (I was wholly unprepared!) I made sure to have the bag ready and packed months before my due date! Just in case.

Click here for a printable pdf of the checklist

Mother in Hospital holding her baby

Knowing I had everything ready to go put my nerves at ease and made the whole process just that little bit simpler.

Which brings me to 

TIP #1 Organise early

Get organised months in advance! You just never know what your birth journey holds. Pregnancy comes with many uncertainties, and if you're like me, you might feel anxious about almost everything.

TIP #2 Bring your documents

Have everything on hand if you go into labour. There are some essential items you should have on hand. The boring stuff first, make sure all your medical details and paperwork are in order when you arrive at the hospital. Create a folder with your Medicare card, health insurance details (if applicable), and any necessary hospital paperwork, including your birth plan and maternity notes or antenatal card, if provided. However you choose to organise all your paperwork, remember to bring it all in a folder or satchel.

TIP #3 Make sure you’re comfortable!

 Let’s face it, birthing can sometimes be a little less than stellar in the comfort department, so do all you can to alleviate some of the discomfort. Bring the appropriate clothing for your birth plan, but also remember that it can change. Consider bringing old nighties or loose-fitting t-shirts to wear during labour. Avoid tight clothing! If you're having an elective c-section like I did, you'll be in a hospital gown for the initial 24 to 48 hours, so no need to worry about labour clothes.

TIP #4 Essentials for yourself

Check with your hospital first what is or isn’t allowed, as their policies on personal items may vary, but items such as dressing gowns, slippers and socks can really make you feel so much better, as hospitals can get cold, especially with air conditioning. Consider bringing some home comforts like your own special pillow, massage oil for your loving support person to use, and heat packs.

TIP #5 Have energy within easy reach!

Pack some snacks and drinks for during and after the birth. While the hospital will provide food and drinks, having some of your favourite items can help maintain your energy and lift your spirits!


Click here to download the pdf Hospital Bag Checklist


Mother in hospital standing up while holding her baby looking happy



These fall into two categories, thing you need, and things your baby will need. Let's start with the cutest first:

What To Pack For Your Baby

Pack two or three onesies and vests for your baby to wear while you're in the hospital. Pack a couple of sleep sacks as well just in case one gets into an accident! If you expect to stay in the hospital for more than a couple of days, especially for a planned c-section, consider packing more outfits, it’s usually five days worth.

Remember to bring baby beanies, socks, and mittens, as well as baby blankets and plenty of muslin cloths. Most hospitals will provide blankets, but there is nothing more special than wrapping bubba up in their first little blankie that you will of course keep forever! Bring a couple of muslin cloths/wraps as they are versatile and can be used for burping and swaddling, just in case your hospital is a bit slack!

Most importantly- Check with your hospital if they will supply the nappies! Most private hospitals will, but you don’t want to leave it to chance, so either make sure, or don't forget to pack disposable nappies for your newborn. Newborns can go through as many as 12 nappies in a day, so be prepared with extra supplies if you're staying in the hospital for an extended period. I wouldn’t recommend trying to use cloth nappies this early on and while in the hospital- you will have your hands full already without worrying about where to wash soiled poo nappies, believe me!

For nappy changes, have wipes or cotton wool on hand. Since your newborn's skin is delicate, using cotton wool and water for nappy changes is recommended initially. Again, most hospitals will give you wipes, but bringing your own delicate fragrance-free options is a wise choice.

You may have the opportunity to give your baby their first bath in the hospital, especially during a longer stay. Most hospitals will provide generic baby wash, but consider bringing an organic sensitive skin option of your choice.

Last but not least, ensure you have a fully installed infant car seat. Rear facing. Leaving the hospital by car without one won't be possible, so this is an absolute must-have item.

Mother in hospital bending over to play with baby in basinet

Items For You

It really is amazing just how much stuff a new mumma needs, and so much can be easily forgotten!
Firstly, make sure you have clothes for yourself to go home in. Again, something loose and comfortable. Remember that it might take some time for your tummy to return to its pre-pregnancy size, so you may still need your maternity clothes when you get back home.

Feeding your baby: Maternity bras, nipple cream, breast pads, nipple shields if needed. You don’t know exactly how your breastfeeding journey will go so be prepared with these items to ensure comfort and ease during nursing.

Personal toiletries: Toothbrush and toothpaste!!! (Not pretty when you forget) your regular toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, face wash etc. or anything else that you would normally use at home. Many of us new mummas would love that perfect first happy snap with your baby, so consider packing your hairbrush and makeup if you anticipate wanting to get ready for early pictures.

Another small consideration is to bring a diary or a notepad to write down your experiences and thoughts, and any other little memories of this time. It would be really sweet to give them to your baby one day when they grow up. You can also use the notebook to record your baby’s feedings and poops, and for writing down questions for your midwife or doctor.

Is that too much to remember?

Don't worry! I’ve created this handy downloadable and printable checklist just for you!

Click here for a downloadable pdf.


Author: Sofia 

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